Our lab is answering two questions:

(1) How are proteins targeted to endomembranes in eukaryotic cells by the GET pathway and selective autophagy?

(2) How do protein homeostasis mechanisms prevent protein aggregation in eukaryotic cells?

We use the budding yeast S. cerevisiae to study protein targeting pathways that are conserved in humans. We study these pathways as parts of live cells, as biochemical reactions in cell extracts, and as isolated molecules. Our philosophy is to reconstitute entire pathways (or critical pathway steps) with purified components in a test tube and then connect back our biochemical measurements to cell biology. Historically, yeast has been an excellent organism for exploiting genetic manipulation to do complex biochemistry. With the help of CRISPR/Cas9-based tools for genetic screening, we have also begun to dissect mechanisms of mammalian selective autophagy.