Angelic Hierarchy

Appearance Make Model Specialization Status Localization
_GAM4162v3notext Vlad Denic Principal Investigtor

The Preacher


Roarke Kamber BBS Grad Student Angel with recent wings

Lab Picture Chris

Chris Shoemaker Damon Runyon Postdoc Angel strengthening his wings


Nicholas Weir MCO Graduate Student Angel about to grow wings


Fei Wang Postdoc Angel about to fly off to Texas


Charlene Chan Chemical Biology Graduate Student Angel trying to grow wings


James Martenson Postdoc Angel strengthening his wings


Andrew Kane MCO Graduate Student Protein Homeostasis Baby Angel


Tina Huang Harvard Undergraduate Student Embryonic Angel


Jason Li Harvard Undergraduate Student Protein Homeostasis Embryonic Angel


Matt Reilly MCO Graduate Student  question_mark Half Angel half…


Daan Verhagen Dutch Master's Student   Angel in passing

Lab Picture Michael

Michael Gropp German Master's Student Angel in passing


Peter Arvidson Administrative Wizard Grants Adephi Angel
Alumgel Past position Current position

Eric Solís

Systems Biology Graduate Student Scientist I at Yumanity Therapeutics

Ariana Sanchez

Research Assistant Stanford University Graduate School

Emily Brown

Research Assistant Rockefeller University Graduate School

Alexandra Rojek

Undergraduate UCSF Medical School

Natalia Gebert

Postdoc Freelance Novartis

Christian Heinen

Postdoc Research Scientist GlaxoSmithKline Vaccines

Renuka Pandya

Postdoc Fallen Angel

Zach Newby

Postdoc Research Scientist Gilead

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