Denic Lab News


Two years later, we finally have a few things to report.

2016 was anno mirabilis for Eric with several miracles of note: he became a Dr.; he published at least one half of his thesis work; he got himself hired by a new startup in the area that works on proteostasis and is getting a lot of buzz; and arguably, the biggest miracle of them all, he got a female member of the human race to say “yes I said yes I will Yes.”

Fei was awarded the Endowed Scholars Award from UTSW and will be starting his assistant professor position there early next year. Phew.

Chris has embarked on a four-year journey along the ruta de al independencia by starting his first K99 year.

Roarke successfully defended his doctorate degree and in the process left his defense committee suitably stunned.

Vlad will be taking a much needed sabbatical break from teaching MCB60 this Fall but is planning on sending the class postcards from the bleeding edge of aging research.


Wow! I can’t believe over a year has passed with nothing to say. Perhaps David Byrne was right: heaven IS in fact a place where nothing ever happens.

Alas, I will make this desperate attempt to keep the lab blog alive with the following list of lab transactions, in order of decreasing importance:

Chris Shoemaker recently become a maker of another sort as well: a Babymaker. This new beginning will most likely mark the much-anticipated end of his venomous anti-caffeine crusade.

Ari got into a PhD program at a West Coast university that has a comforting architectural similarity to Taco Bell. She is planning to leave us-read: Chris and Roarke-in a lurch next month.

Eric “ketones did that body good” Sollís has extended his efforts to comprehend Roarke’s group meetings on autophagy by eliminating carbs from his diet.

The lab is hosting over the summer Ben Phillips, an Oxford undergraduate. We are enormously grateful for his accent, which is helping make our work sound cooler than it really is.


Inaugural Blogging

Captain’s blog 061113:

Never thought this moment would come.

Since the inception of the new lab website several blog-worthy events have transpired.

Charlene Chan (Chemical Biology PhD Program) has joined our flock of angels and will soon contribute her amazing anime cartoon versions of many periodic table elements (no irony; ok…some) to the merchandise section.

Eric Solis has managed to sequester funding from one of the National Institutes of Health by becoming a recipient of the Ruth Kirschstein Award.

Fei Wang has been awarded the Charles King Trust Postdoctoral Fellowship. In the words of Mitchell and Web: “That’s numberwang!”

Following completion of MCB54, Vlad Denic has received mixed reviews on his use of the mechanical cat paw  to illustrate a key mechanistic concept in protein targeting by the signal recognition particle (as if you didn’t already know what I am talking about).

A recent David Bowie music video has seeded an idea for a new lab video to replace the infamous “Creepy Guy in a Toga Petting a Cat” video, which has been permanently removed from the lab website.