Two years later, we finally have a few things to report.

2016 was anno mirabilis for Eric with several miracles of note: he became a Dr.; he published at least one half of his thesis work; he got himself hired by a new startup in the area that works on proteostasis and is getting a lot of buzz; and arguably, the biggest miracle of them all, he got a female member of the human race to say “yes I said yes I will Yes.”

Fei was awarded the Endowed Scholars Award from UTSW and will be starting his assistant professor position there early next year. Phew.

Chris has embarked on a four-year journey along the ruta de al independencia by starting his first K99 year.

Roarke successfully defended his doctorate degree and in the process left his defense committee suitably stunned.

Vlad will be taking a much needed sabbatical break from teaching MCB60 this Fall but is planning on sending the class postcards from the bleeding edge of aging research.

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