Wow! I can’t believe over a year has passed with nothing to say. Perhaps David Byrne was right: heaven IS in fact a place where nothing ever happens.

Alas, I will make this desperate attempt to keep the lab blog alive with the following list of lab transactions, in order of decreasing importance:

Chris Shoemaker recently become a maker of another sort as well: a Babymaker. This new beginning will most likely mark the much-anticipated end of his venomous anti-caffeine crusade.

Ari got into a PhD program at a West Coast university that has a comforting architectural similarity to Taco Bell. She is planning to leave us-read: Chris and Roarke-in a lurch next month.

Eric “ketones did that body good” SollĂ­s has extended his efforts to comprehend Roarke’s group meetings on autophagy by eliminating carbs from his diet.

The lab is hosting over the summer Ben Phillips, an Oxford undergraduate. We are enormously grateful for his accent, which is helping make our work sound cooler than it really is.


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