Protein and Organelle Degradation by Autophagy

Eukaryotic cells are able to survive long periods of starvation by activating a process known as autophagy. A key event in this nutritional response is the formation of autophagosomes (Figure […]


Protein Homeostasis During Replicative Aging in Budding Yeast

Budding yeast cells divide asymmetrically: a larger mother cell buds off a smaller daughter cell at the end of each cell cycle (Figure 1). After an average of 20-30 cell […]

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The Biogenesis of Tail-Anchored Proteins

Hundreds of eukaryotic proteins have a single transmembrane domain (TMD) at the C-terminus that anchors them to the cytosolic face of cellular membranes. The majority of these tail-anchored (TA) proteins […]


Wow! I can’t believe over a year has passed with nothing to say. Perhaps David Byrne was right: heaven IS in fact a place where nothing ever happens. Alas, I […]

Inaugural Blogging

Captain’s blog 061113: Never thought this moment would come. Since the inception of the new lab website several blog-worthy events have transpired. Charlene Chan (Chemical Biology PhD Program) has joined […]