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Denic Laboratory
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Selective Autophagy

Selective autophagy is a protein targeting process that captures large unwanted structures into double-membrane transport vesicles called autophagosomes, which deliver the trapped targets to the lysosome for degradation (Figure 1A). Over the past […]


Protein Folding Homeostasis

In addition to studying how cells eliminate protein aggregates en bloc by selective autophagy, we are also interested in how they prevent protein aggregation in the first place even in the absence of […]

biogenesis project thumb

The Biogenesis of Tail-Anchored Proteins

The specialized functions of intracellular membrane compartments (organelles) depend on their unique protein compositions. The protein delivery systems that direct proteins to organelles are set in motion by the recognition […]


Two years later, we finally have a few things to report. 2016 was anno mirabilis for Eric with several miracles of note: he became a Dr.; he published at least one half of his […]


Wow! I can’t believe over a year has passed with nothing to say. Perhaps David Byrne was right: heaven IS in fact a place where nothing ever happens. Alas, I […]

Inaugural Blogging

Captain’s blog 061113: Never thought this moment would come. Since the inception of the new lab website several blog-worthy events have transpired. Charlene Chan (Chemical Biology PhD Program) has joined […]